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Interactive Data Selection

In addition to assessing student performance, PISA also collects information on student attitudes and approaches to learning as well as the learning environment and organisation of schooling.

This interactive data selection facility allows you to select particular school-level and student-level questions and relate these to student performance.

In PISA 2012 there were four student questionnaires: A student questionnaire collecting background information on students and their learning environment, a questionnaire on computer familiarity, a questionnaire on educational career and questionnaire about reading for school. There was also a School Questionnaire filled out by the senior administrator in the school of the sampled students and a parent questionnaire for countries that chose for this international option.

When you have decided on the questions and countries of interest you should select them from the list boxes below. Then click "Create Tables" and a set of tables will be created for you. The tables will show the percentage of responses in each category and the mean achievement in each of the three cognitive PISA assessment domains (reading, mathematical and scientific literacy). The standard errors are also provided.

You can make multiple selections by holding down the "CTRL" key on your computer keyboard while clicking items on the list. You can make as many selections as you require but as more variables and countries are selected the download time will increase significantly.

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Student Variables

School Variables

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